Find a small Community.....and make it home!

St Andrews operates a variety of small Community groups at different times and different places during the week.
"Small Groups" are the heart and soul of St Andrews and there to help you connect and belong.   Worship Services are great and have their value in building us up as disciples of Jesus BUT we do not find connection and belonging in them and we are not meant to.  We need a smaller expression of church for that.  
Small Groups are of a size that people can minister to one another, use their spiritual gifts, and grow in their understanding of who God is and what call Jesus has on their life. A Small Group is a vibrant and life-giving place where it is safe to ask any question, and where there is always room for one more.


Tuesday:        2pm @  St Andrews (Val Russell)

Wednesday:  11am @ St Andrews. Recovery Community (Peter Locke and Susan Tavinor)

Thursday:      10am @ St Andrews (Elizabeth Shanks)

                         2pm -   Maunu (Billie and Graham Long) 

Friday:            6.30am @ St Andrews Men's Early Morning Prayer fellowship (John Schreurs)


 Tuesday:        7pm @ Tikipunga  (Bill and Gerry Philpott)

                          7pm @ Portland/Otaika   Fortnightly (Jenny Forbes)

                          7pm @ Tamaterau (Dennis and Wendy Thorne)

                          6.45pm @ Sherwood (Lorne and Sue Campbell)

Wednesday:   7pm @ Avenues (Brian and Glenys Currie)

                          7pm @ Parahaki (Trevor and Lorraine Cooper)

                          7pm @ Maunu (Tony and Judy Pearce)



How can I get connected?

If you want to find out more or would like to start a group or discuss which group may suit you, please contact the church office on 09 438 1667 or Lorne Campbell ,who overseas the small groups.