For many people, belonging to a church is a positive and vital part of their lives. Church membership offers a supportive community, people with whom we hold shared values and connection with a faith and tradition that go back over 2000 years. Belonging to a church fellowship also gives the opportunity to serve Christ by serving others, especially the needy.

Church membership has privileges and responsibilities.

Privileges include knowing that we belong to a world-wide family of faith who have received God's free gift of love and forgiveness in Jesus Christ. At the local level this means being a stakeholder in the ministry at St Andrew's and being a committed member of the fellowship (Romans 12:1-8). 

Responsibilities: Scripture tells us, "Freely you have received -- freely give" (Matthew 10:8). Therefore, responsibilities of membership imply a life of servanthood where we ask not, "What can I get?" but, "What can I give?" (Philippians 2: 5 - 11).

Other responsibilities of church membership include

      •           Hospitality and welcome

      •           Loving and forgiving others

      •           Generosity of spirit and resources (including finances)

At St Andrew's we encourage you to become a member. This is a clear expression of your love and service of God. By becoming a member of St Andrew's you will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the long line of noble Christian soldiers who have borne faithful witness to Jesus for over 157  years. However, the Bible emphasises that God's mission is to the world. His Church exists to empower and equip His people for works of witness and service in this world (Matthew 5: 13 - 16).

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How Do I Become A Member At St Andrew's?

Please phone Tony or Lorne (both on (09) 438 1667) and we will make personal contact with you.