Prayer at St Andrews

Prayer is foundational to the Christian life and a vital part of ministry at St Andrews.  This church offers a number of opportunities for personal prayer.  Many find their needs met by prayer in Small Groups, in the Youth Group, by the Prayer Net, or through the Prayer Care ministry available during services.

As well there are opportunities for corporate prayer at the Sunday services and for particular needs as follows;

  • A mens's group with that focus meets every Friday at the church from 6.30am to 7.00am.  Many from this group then share breakfast at a nearby cafe.
  • A group meets in the lounge every Friday at 9.10am to pray for the Sunday services and for the needs and ministries of the church.
  • On the first Monday of every month a group meets in the lounge from 1.30pm to 2.00pm to pray for Overseas Mission and for those involved in mission who are known to this fellowship.

For some their need is greater and can be best met by an in-depth ministry session.

Prayer Care

Prayer ministry is offered throughout Sunday services as part of St. Andrews commitment to offer authentic, personal and Biblical prayer-care.

Those commissioned to pray with members of the fellowship wear a yellow 'Prayer Care' name tag.  They minister through the power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus [Acts 16;18].  Prayer ministers move to the front of the church during the closing of each service and are trained to offer confidential and caring prayer for all needs.  The Senior Minister, Elders and Small Group leaders are also available when needed at these times.

Sometimes people feel a need for prayer during the service.  If the Holy Spirit touches you in this way please do not hesitate.  He has done it for a purpose and He will meet your need.  Please feel free to move quietly to the back where the prayer-carers sit.  They will guide you to a place where they can minister to you.


Prayer Net

A team of dedicated people are available to pray for individual, group or corporate needs.  Should you have such a need, or want to acknowledge an answer to prayer, this can be quickly circulated by email.  Please contact the Church office during office hours, Monday - Friday 9am - 2pm, 09 438 1667 or email   

In-depth Ministry

If you feel your need for ministry cannot be met through prayer at the Sunday services, please contact the Senior Minister or the Prayer Co-ordinators.  We have a range of prayer and freedom ministry teams available.


Freedom Ministry

Scripture's emphasis is that God wants his people to be free from those things which limit them in any way so that they are free to live in full the life He desires for them.  Sometimes there are experiences in people's lives which limit their freedom to live such a life.

These limitations may be through things others have done or by our own actions.

Personal ministry sessions are offered in Whangarei, and particularly in this church, through people trained and released by Victorious Ministry Through Christ [NZ] [VMTC].  Please see further details under the 'Connect' tab on our website.